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Running, climbing, ski touring, long distance trekking. Whatever is your chosen mountain activity it's a lot easier when you are physically and mentally prepared. Helping you to that point of physical and mental preparedness is my objective.

About Us


After studying for a BA Hons in Human Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton and a Postgraduate in Sports Education at Bulmershe College, University of Reading I have found my true calling in mountain sports. Firstly in rock climbing and ski mountaineering and later with high altitude expedition climbing in the Andes, Himalayas, Karakorum and Tien Shan. Mountain running also called and I found myself completing famous trail races such as the UTMB, CCC and LUT among others. I have also competed in numerous marathons, triathlons, mountain bike and ski mountaineering races.

I am a Ski Mountaineering Instructor for the Club Alpino Italiano and a Trail Running Coach for the UISP (Unione Italiano Sport per Tutti). 

I am a regular contributor to both the Italian trail magazine "Spirito Trail" and the on-line magazine in English "Italy on Trail" with numerous articles on aspects of training for mountain and trail running. 

I believe in an individualised approach to training and preparation for endurance events. Each athlete is treated as separate entity where we take into account their sporting history, physical abilities, time constraints and ambitions. Above all we are concerned not only about performance but also the present and future health of each individual athlete. Physical attributes such as VO2max, Lactate Threshold and muscular strength are important but so are the correct mental approach, the ability to assess and resolve problems on the go and being able to take care of nutrition and hydration needs.

Martin John Trout (call me Martin, MJ or hey you - I'll reply)

Clariden Ski
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Trail Running

Whether you are new to trail running or a seasoned veteran, training for optimal performance is a complicated business. Training intensity, volume and frequency must be modulated and adjusted to create improvements while avoiding injury or overtraining stress. Getting you to the starting line in the best possible physical state is our objective, while providing you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to run your best race.

Sky Race and Vertical

A gut busting, lung searing vertical race or an all out effort in a high altitude sky race. Whichever you choose your performance will depend on the level of your VO2max and resistance to fatigue at threshold. In order to improve these qualities your training plan needs to be specific but varied. A precise interplay between training stress, nutrition and recovery. 

Our aim is to help you optimise your ability. 

Adventure Mountaineering

Is your greatest wish to stand astride the highest mountain in Europe or take take part in a Himalayan expedition? Or even just to be able to enjoy climbing in the mountains in the best physical state possible. Speed and rapidity in the mountains equals safety. We can help you to make sure, that whatever the mountains throw at you, being unable to face up to physical fatigue or being too slow is not among your worries. 

Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb the godamn mountain!

Jack Kerouac


Endurance Training in Progress

Stradello Zileri 4, Parma, Italy

Tel: +39.335.1364577



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